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Happy New Year!

  • January 2 19

Another year has passed, and another wealth of memories made. People have come and gone. The months have flown by. Thank you to everyone who has made the past year a success. Many people, at this time of year, think about the opportunity that are the upcoming days. Anything could happen! Will you start a business? Get a pet? Build your first house?

If you are beginning the planning process for a project such as a new business or home, come browse our selection! We have brick, block, manufactured stone, and even siding. Our custom cast stone products grant a touch of elegance, and our retaining wall blocks are trustworthy. Brick and Stone add that strength and durability to last a lifetime.  As always, we are located in Joplin, Missouri at the corner of 15th and Illinois. Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm.  Come see us!  Have A Nice Day.

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