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JBM Showroom

  • June 25 18

I always enjoy when homeowners-to-be come in and browse our brick samples. Out of chatter on colors, prices, and styles comes the origin story of a home. Although this story is only just beginning, its roots reach back into deep history. Archaeologists in Turkey have dated bricks at 7000 BC. The ancient Egyptians mixed clay and straw to produce sun-dried bricks, and Romans fired their red clay ones.

The traditional red color has remained to this day. A majority of our selection has either red tones or is distinctly red. Everything else is brown or tan - except for the unique grey tone on the upper right-hand side. Joplin Building Material supplies bricks from over ten brick companies. We aim to provide a range of styles, so that we have ones that match yours.

When customers browse here, we become a part of their history. When they build in the Joplin area, we celebrate the growth of our beautiful city. When you order from us, you are part of our family story too.


About the Author: Hannah E. Shumaker, student at the University of Tulsa, is the granddaughter of Dale H. Lundstrom, JBM co-founder. As the newbie in the office, she invites you along as she learns the ins and outs of Joplin Building Material Co.

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