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Parking Barriers

  • July 23 18

The other day, I was running errands around town. My list was a mile long with places to stop, things to pick up, and activities to complete. In an attempt to finish it all before my deadline, I was rushing around town like a lunatic. At one stop, I leapt from my car. I dashed towards the entrance, and promptly face-planted into the landscaping.

In my haste, I had entirely forgotten about the parking barrier that moments before I’d used to line up my car.

As the Latin adage goes: festina lente. That is “make haste slowly.” This phrase is one of my life's mottos. Although an oxymoron, it reminds me to work with efficiency and quality. That day, it reminded me to slow down and focus on the tasks before me.

From that point on, I began a game. Every place I stopped, I took a moment to look at the parking lot. Some of them were completely bare, leaving cars free to park wherever. Others had spots marked with painted lines or natural indicators like curbs. The easiest to park in, though, were the ones with parking barriers.

Although they are simple inventions that are often overlooked, I love parking barriers. They were initially designed to protect buildings and structures from cars bumping them. They can protect cars from each other, create walkways, and indicate handicap parking.  JBM’s bumpers are created with vinyl shells and filled with concrete. With a couple of rebar stakes, they are a sturdy addition to your parking area.

We often have yellow, blue, and grey barriers in stock. If you are interested in Joplin Building Material’s parking barriers, visit our location or call us at 417-623-5800.



About the Author: Hannah E. Shumaker, student at the University of Tulsa, is the granddaughter of Dale H. Lundstrom, JBM co-founder. As the newbie in the office, she invites you along as she learns the ins and outs of Joplin Building Material Co.

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