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Rainy Morning

  • June 12 18

We recently cleaned and re-sealed the cast stone accents at our home. For over a decade, these accents have surrounded our raised flowerbeds. Now, with the recent maintenance, they look brand-new to me. Every time we water the flowers, I like to watch the water splash onto the sealed cast stone. As if on wax paper, the droplets ball up and roll around. When I woke up to gentle rolls of thunder this morning, I could see the rain drops rolling off ledges from my window.

The weather calmed the tone at JBM this morning. Although still greeted with a bright "hello," everyone was enjoying the peaceful morning.

Even the foot traffic into the showroom was slower today. Which is not surprising; masonry does not lend itself to rainy work days. Water can wash out wet mortar and increase shrinkage. Muddy project sites slow everything down. The masons working today must be careful to protect their projects.

Luckily, the rain cleared up, and welcomed customers helped get the pace picked up. And, although the rain increased the humidity, the guys on the yard enjoyed a cooler morning. All in all, it’s been a pretty good day at Joplin Building Material Co.


About the Author: Hannah E. Shumaker, student at the University of Tulsa, is the granddaughter of Dale H. Lundstrom, JBM co-founder. As the newbie in the office, she invites you along as she learns the ins and outs of Joplin Building Material Co. 

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