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  • September 10 18

One of the special things about JBM is that we strive to be experts in our field. However, there is so much to learn that we specialize in our experiences. For example, nobody knows cast stone like Jeff. Similarly, Bob is the siding guy. While we are all happy to answer your questions, asking about siding will get you referred to him.

We carry multiple brands of siding. Our most popular is Kaycan. This traditional vinyl siding comes in a variety of styles and colors. Most people are looking for it. However, the winds have shifted and the high-end, wooden product, Diamond Kote is being requested more often.

If you are interested in siding from JBM, please visit our store in Joplin, Missouri, or call 417-623-5800 for more information.



About the Author: Hannah E. Shumaker, student at the University of Tulsa, is the granddaughter of Dale H. Lundstrom, JBM co-founder. As the newbie in the office, she invites you along as she learns the ins and outs of Joplin Building Material Co.

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