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Leather Handle

$25.50 ea. Plus Freight

Kraft 5-1/2" Trowel Leather Replacement Handle

Plastic Handle

$9.90 ea. Plus Freight

Kraft 5-1/4" Trowel Plastic Replacement Handle

Carpenter Pencils

$1.95 ea. Plus Freight

Red Lead Carpenter Pencils (4 Pack)

Line Twigs

$1.00 ea. Plus Freight

Masonry Line Twigs.  These are used to keep your line level.  5 Per Package.

String Blocks

$2.90 ea. Plus Freight

Create an even brick or block line with line blocks. Secure the 4" block on the outside corners of your masonry project to with the line knotted to hold it in place. Retighten...